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Sapphire Jewelry

Long ago, it was believed that the sky was such a variety of magnificent shades of blue that the earth was embedded in a gigantic sapphire. There is no better way to describe the richness of this dynamic stone. Although it comes in a rainbow of colors, blue is the best known for the sapphire. Composed mainly of corundum, sapphire is a very durable gem and is associated with feelings of sympathy and harmony, friendship and loyalty. Its beauty, its magnificent colours, and also its constancy and durability make the sapphire the embodiment of mutual understanding and indestructible trust.

  • 14k Gold and Sapphire Earrings 699



    Overview of

    14K Solid White Gold & Natural Sapphires Earrings:  $ 699

          Two Round Brilliant-Cut Sapphires:     0.26 Total Gem Weight

    One-of-a-Kind Piece,  with Magee Scrollwork and Granulation

    Brand: Magee Jewelry