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Garnet Jewelry

The birthstone for January, the term 'garnet' actually describes a group of more than ten different gemstones of similar chemical composition. Most people only recognize the deep red color of the Garnet, but Garnet actually comes in a rainbow of colors that encompasses every hue except for blue. Some of the pre-Garnet names for these fabulous stones are Spessartite, Tsavorite, Almandite, and Rhodolite. The Garnet stone is comprised of several different minerals, and this is what causes the difference in color between two stones of the same Garnet group. In history, Garnet been used as a talisman and protective stone because it was believed to light up the dark night and protect its wearer from evil and disaster. Garnet is also a hard stone, and good for every-day wear in jewelry.

  • 14K White Gold and Garnet Ring 1987



    Overview of

    14k Solid White Gold and Natural Garnet Ring  $1,987

           One Modified Brilliant Spessartite Garnet:  3.67 Carats

                  Celestial™- Cut by Lapidary Artist:  Larry Woods

    One of a kind piece, with Magee Scrollwork and Granulation

    Brand: Magee Jewelry