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About Magee Jewelry Store

Since 1973, Magee Jewelry has been commemorating the important events in people's lives with our custom-created pieces.

Magee Jewelry

What Makes Our Jewelry Store Unique

In addition to supporting the jewelry industry with the upmost honesty and sincerity, Jim Magee and his daughter, Emily Magee Eckman, believe that each piece of Magee jewelry is a craftsman's achievement to art and individuality.  The detail in each piece is hand-soldered, and the time and effort of true craftsmen is evident in our totally unique design.  It takes hours or even days to build our custom mountings, so each piece has been signed by Emily Magee Eckman or Jim Magee, adding a personal touch to every item.  New to our collection are pieces that have been created using casting techniques - all with our signature scrollwork design.  All individually designed by Jim Magee, this process allows us to manufacture even more creative pieces, and complements the design that we are known for. Jim Magee is a GIA certified gemologist, and Emily Magee Eckman is a GIA certified graduate gemologist. 


Working side by side for over 18 years, father and daughter hand-select each diamond and natural gemstone they use.  Each individual piece you will see has been artistically created starting with a stone that was hand-chosen and a custom mounting that was hand-built.  


Not only is each piece beautiful, but all are functional as well, making them comfortably wearable and able to be enjoyed for a life-time and beyond.  We have a passion for natural stones created by the earth - not a person in a laboratory. You will not see a synthetic, lab-created, or simulant in our collection. We have also taken a true picture of each item - none of our pictures have been photo-shopped!  Our pictures are true representations of each piece and each stone. 

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